APWU: Temporary Exception Period – Clerk Craft Staffing Function 1 & Function 4—COVID19

Sisters and Brothers:

The attached MOU (Temporary Exception Period – Clerk Craft Staffing Function 1 & Function 4—COVID19) will help facilitate the other temporary memoranda we have recently signed as well as the Liberal Change of Schedule and Leave policy we have secured in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Those temporary MOUs, policy changes and other useful information can be found at apwu.org/coronavirus

Through May 25, 2020, the Postal Service may hire additional temporary employees called Function 1 Mail Processing Assistants and Function 4 Clerk Assistants. As with the other MOUs, career clerks and PSEs should be utilized up to the maximum allowable hours each week.

Also, all new Clerk Assistants that are hired will be provided safety training and training/updates/stand-up talks on the current COVID19 policies and procedures at the USPS.

Please consult the attached memorandum and disseminate as appropriate.

In solidarity,
Mark Dimondstein

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