APWU National Settles Phoenix Metro ‘Kelly Girl’ Call Center Case for $4,800,000.00

Via Phoenix Metro Area Local Member Troy Huskey:


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On November 12, 2014, APWU National settled the Call Center grievance for $4,800,000.00. The Phoenix Metro Area Local will be verifying the names of employees that have not been paid but should have been paid those who were on the rolls in the Phoenix Installation Clerk Craft from June of 1995 to August of 1998.

See your steward!

Information the Local needs to provide the USPS follows:

Current employees:

  • 1. Employee Identification Number
  • 2. Pay Location
  • 3. Job Title
  • 4. Designation Activity Code

Retired employees:

  • 1. Social Security Number
  • 2. Current Mailing Address
  • 3. Telephone Number

Mary Lou Pavoggi, President

See: Phoenix Metro Area Local #93 website

2 thoughts on “APWU National Settles Phoenix Metro ‘Kelly Girl’ Call Center Case for $4,800,000.00

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    What excuse has the APWU given you ? …who should be doing what a your class action requests.

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    I was contacted a year ago about this grievance, I am no longer employed by the USPS . As of Feb. 2nd, 2016, I Still have not been paid, the explanations don’t make sense. Are there any other ex USPS employees who did not get paid, that would like to join me in a Class action lawsuit against the USPS? Contact me at tonieh75@gmail.com
    Toni Pakay

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