APWU requests PRC extend deadline to comment on USPS check cashing pilot

June 27, 2022
The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) is examining the USPS check cashing pilot (buy a gift card with a paycheck) to see if it should be classified as a non-postal (prohibited) product. Comments are due 6/30.

PRC Notice and Order issued May 16, 2022

“As a member of the public that has both been involved in the Pilot Program and that would like to submit comments to the Commission, the APWU requests that the Commission allow it an additional week to submit its comments. Key APWU personnel with critical information regarding the Pilot Program was recently out of the office due to COVID and travel, and the APWU is mindful of the fast-approaching July Fourth holiday. In order for the APWU to be able to collect information that may be relevant to the Commission and to offer insight on the legality of this docket, the APWU asks that the Commission extend the deadline for it to submit its public comment to July 7, 2022.”

APWU’s request for a 1-week extension

One thought on “APWU requests PRC extend deadline to comment on USPS check cashing pilot

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    APWU needs to keep their eye on the ball – maybe even get a new law firm? Public Comments were opened on May 16, over a month ago, and just today, June 27, they decided they need an additional week because of “COVID” and “Traveling”. I call BULLSHIT! No wonder there is a backlog of arbitrations and other representational and compliance issues. Campaigning maybe? This current administration is failing the membership with no oversight or accountability. How much of our membership money was spent (wasted) on this legal nonsense with PRC?

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