3 thoughts on “APWU President Mark Dimondstein announces his 2019 Candidacy

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    APWU - North Jersey Area Local
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    Former Steward
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    I’ve worked with Jonathan Smith in the past. He’s dedicated, hard working and honorable in every way. I’m proud to call him a friend. I will be voting for him as Executive Vice President in the upcoming election.

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    APWU Oakland Ca.
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    Legislative Director Retirees
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    We will go far with the Dimondstein-Smith team, they appear to complement each other. I’m looking forward to seeing them in person as the election unfolds. A few months ago I watched a couple of Jonathan Smith’s videos and liked them so much I sent them to my fellow retirees. Seems like his fighting spirit, “to postal management, we accept your challenge and you will not win” fits in well with Mark’s “Take it to the streets.”

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    APWU – Utica NY
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    Email Address
    We have some good candidates on the different tickets. Best of luck to everyone. I urge the members to be engaged. Review the candidates credentials. Remember in the end we are on the same TEAM. I just ask that in 2020 we endorse the Democrat endorsee. And DO NOT URGE MEMBER TO VOTE THEIR CONSCIENCE. Can we have Trump voters please stand up. Please do your homework this time.

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