APWU: POStPlan PMR/PSE Useage Remedy Payout Coming Soon!

From: Lamont Brooks <lbrooks@apwu.org>
Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2020 9:34 AM
To: APWU National Officers
Subject: POStPlan PMR/PSE 818 Settlement APWU Website

The June/July APWU newsletter was released earlier than anticipated, which some members received the magazine as early as May 28th.

The “For Members” tab of the APWU website, which was set up to allow for employees/former employees to check to identify if they are entitled to monies was set up for implementation for June 1st, as we are still in the beta testing mode.

We will put a message on the For Members section of the website asking them to check back later, while at the same time we are actively trying to deploy the site as soon as possible.

Please share this message with your APWU leaders and respond to inquiries, in accordance with this e-mail message.

Lamont Brooks
Clerk Division

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