APWU: POStPlan Settlement Inquiry – Who qualifies?

From: Lamont Brooks <lbrooks@apwu.org>
Sent: Tuesday, June 9, 2020 4:34 PM
To: APWU National Officers
Subject: APWU – POStPlan Inquiry

You have to be a PTF or a PSE in the RMPO-6 or RMPO-4 in the specific office (finance number) where the PMR worked during the period of the grievance. If you were a PSE or PTF in the parent office and/or bid cluster you would NOT qualify.

The Arbitrator limited the violation to the specific offices by finance numbers where the PMRs and PSE 818s worked.

PTFs and PSEs are misinterpreting the award and guidance to the field. Just because you are in the bid cluster, It does not qualify you as being eligible. You have to be in the actual office with the same finance number where the PMR worked.

In a level 18, a career employee would qualify if a PMR (listed as a PSE-818) worked in a level-18 POStPlan office. There were only 146 offices in the entire county that qualified.

The delay in the rehiring could result in the PMR that was later properly rehired as a PSE in that specific office/finance number being a part of the remedy, when there was no one qualified to be paid.

The grievance period was PP02FY2015-PP15FY2017.

In the inquiry listed below, the PTF would not qualify because the PMR was working in a level 4/6 office and not in the APO where the PTF worked. The PTF would have to be working in the same office/finance number where the PMR was improperly working.

They would also not qualify on the second part of the inquiry because the PSE-818 was not working in the level-18 office.

I have investigated over 145 inquiries from the field and to this date there has not been one error to the reporting found yet.

A PSE or a PTF in a bid cluster where a PMR works, does NOT qualify you as being eligible.

I want to thank Mike Barrett for his continued assistance on this project.

Please share with your local officers and stewards and refer to the guidance that has been shared with the field to help educate the members on the remedy settlement application.

Lamont Brooks
Clerk Division

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