APWU Pittsburgh Retiree Record – Nov. 6, 2019 Edition – “THEY BLEW IT!”

Via John P. Richards, President
– Pittsburgh Area Retiree Chapter of the APWU

We expect that when the word of the power grab gets out to the Union at large there will be a howl that the retirees are trying to take control of the Union. That was the reaction at the last Convention that prompted some serious anti retiree comments from the Convention floor. At the next Convention in Los Angeles next year those strident voices will be heard again whether the representation question is a single issue or even if part of a comprehensive package of proposals that emphasizes retiree service to the Union. Whining about past accomplishments backed up with scant evidence except Convention oratory will get a predictable response. Retirees were initially asked only to contribute to COPA. Our record there is enviable. Onward and upward!

2 thoughts on “APWU Pittsburgh Retiree Record – Nov. 6, 2019 Edition – “THEY BLEW IT!”

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Southwest Coastal Area Local Retiree Chapter and California State APWU
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    Retiree Chapter President and California State SCF Rep.
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    For the record, I thought the discussions at the Retire Conference were professional and important to retirees.

    The one issue has come about due to the results out of the Convention Constitution Committee. However, that is a shared opinion by many but it does not stop any retiree local or state from submitting an issue they want to pursue.

    One thing I do agree is we need to have a mechanism to address a Retiree Chapter that need more money to support it agenda. I am not sure if an Executive Board Action is possible to increase the dues for a particular Retiree Chapter.

    The issue of forming a state retiree chapter when there are not three local retiree was discussed. The three local retiree chapter restriction was the result of a 1998 APWU Executive Board Action. This was a very important issue for retirees from Tenn. I sincerely hope the APWU Executive Board can assist them..

  2. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU Local 5 Nashville TN
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    Vice President
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    Then why did you endorse against your own interest Pittsburgh?

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