APWU Pittsburgh Retiree Record – March 22, 2019 Edition

“The APWU Convention last year witnessed outrageous disrespect and insulting comments at microphones against retirees, led by Eastern Region Coordinator Mike Gallagher and his sycophants and leadership of a California Local. This occurred during discussion of a modest proposal concerning retiree representation at conventions. Under this blistering attack the proposal failed. What was at issue was a proffer that retirees who attended conventions as retiree delegates would be permitted to cast votes. The opponents demanded that retirees should pay full membership dues as well as Retiree Department dues to be eligible to cast votes. This would mean that retirees who have a reduced income after retirement would have the highest dues in the Union! Bear in mind that the issue was just to be eligible to be voting delegates, notwithstanding the arduous task of being elected as delegates from their Chapters, and finding funding to attend the convention. With the passage of time, reflection of these events is warranted.”

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Via John P. Richards, President – Pittsburgh Area Retiree Chapter of the APWU

3 thoughts on “APWU Pittsburgh Retiree Record – March 22, 2019 Edition

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    I would love to see a task force established between the “40” and younger with the “65” and older. As older, wiser and experienced Union Warriors we need to educate and dispel these insecurities felt by our younger counterparts. This whole movement reminds me of growing up going to a predominantly white Catholic High School in the 60’s. The fear, disrespect and disregard I felt my first two years began to lessen my last two, not because I changed, but because I was able to help many of my classmates understand they had nothing to fear from me and those who looked like me.

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    I agree with the comments from Brothers John Richards. The California Local involved was the Southwest Coastal Area Local and the union person elected president in March of 2017 has attacked retirees since the first day he took office.

    I am also supporting Greg Bell for National APWU President.


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    Last year I attended the Retiree Conference but not the Convention. I would like to see this resolved as we have much to do. We need these feisty youngsters and they need you and others to teach our history. Why not an open meeting with both young members and retirees?

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