APWU: Part-Time Flexible (PTF) employees and the Juneteenth Holiday

From: Vance Zimmerman <vzimmerman@apwu.org>
Sent: Tuesday, November 30, 2021
Subject: Re: Juneteenth

As clarification regarding Part-Time Flexible (PTF) employees and the Juneteenth Holiday:

Currently PTFs are compensated for the 10 holidays each year through an increased hourly rate. This rate is determined by taking the annual rate of a Full-Time Regular employee and dividing it by 2000 hours. With the addition of the Juneteenth holiday, the PTF hourly rate will now be determined by dividing the FTR rate by 1992 hours.

We do not know when the new rate of pay for PTFs will go into effect though we suspect it will be with the start of the new year. We have reached out to management to have them confirm when the pay rate will change and become effective. When management provides the effective date to us it will be shared.

Here is an example of how hourly rates are determined using the current Level 6 Step-E annual rate of $56,191

A Full-time regular employee is compensated annually for 2080 hours $56,191/2080 =$27.0149 per hour

To compensate a PTF for the holidays, the number of annual hours is reduced by 10 8-hour holidays (80 hours) to 2000 hours. Hourly rate is therefore $56191/2000 =$28.10 per hour

With the change to 11 holidays, the number of annual hours will be reduced by 11 8-hour holidays or (88 hours) to 1992 hours. New hourly rate will therefore be $56191/1992 =$28.21 per hour.

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