APWU: NLRB Charges 10 Roads Express for Violations of the National Labor Relations Act

January 13, 2023
On Jan. 3, 2023 the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) charged USPS contractor 10 Roads Express and specific named managers with multiple violations of labor law in a campaign against workers who were unionizing their workplace.

The offenses cited in the charges took place in their Harrisburg, PA location in 2022.

The charges against 10 Roads Express include threats against workers of pay cuts, route cuts, and withholding bonuses. They also include threatening to discharge drivers for engaging in legally protected union activities.

The company also unlawfully promised workers better health care benefits and improved terms and conditions if they rejected union representation

The company’s attempts to halt workers’ plans to build a union ultimately failed when a majority of workers voted “APWU Yes” in July 2022. The drivers filed a series of complaints to the NLRB through 2022 in response to the retaliation they faced from the company.

“Our message to the company is that it’s all about being fair,” said Scott Wise, a 10 Roads Express driver with almost two decades of experience driving mail from their Harrisburg location. “It’s not rocket science. It’s not hard. We’re not asking for a lot. We all want to be treated fairly. We want to be able to come in, do our jobs and go home and not be harassed by the company.”

APWU President, Mark Dimondstein, said: “Our union is proud of the bravery that these workers showed, voting ‘union yes’ despite the pressure, threats, and intimidation that they faced from their managers. They have shown to workers across the country that we can take a stand and that APWU will always aggressively defend workers’ rights in the face these kinds of attacks.”

“Illegal union busting is a shameful and national postal management must take action to stop it in relation to any postal contractor.”

More than one thousand 10 Roads Express drivers are represented by the APWU across the country. 10 Roads Express drivers in Harrisburg, PA and in Peoria, IL have joined their ranks by winning union elections in the past six months. Drivers in Columbus, OH are currently seeking recognition for their union.

Source: APWU

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