APWU: National Maintenance Division Wins Article 7 vs 25 Arbitration

APWU_conventionThe attached  is from the National Arbitration Award in case Q00T-4Q-C 06082523 Arbitrator Das issued his decision on August 6, 2014 specifically refuting all of management’s contentions and concluding:

“Accordingly, I conclude that the issues/questions raised by the Postal Service in initiating this dispute must be answered in the affirmative. Consistent with Article 7.2 of the National Agreement, as interpreted and applied in prior National Arbitration decisions, the Postal Service may not detail a maintenance craft employee to perform higher level work in a different occupation group to avoid paying overtime to an employee within that same occupational group. Cases and grievances held pending the decision in this National Arbitration case are to be addressed by the parties accordingly.”

See:  National Arbitration Award in case Q00T-4Q-C 06082523

Via Idowu Balogun, Assistant Director A, Maintenance Division
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

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