APWU: MVS Operators Honored for Safe Driving by National Safety Council

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10/30/2015 – Two MVS tractor-trailer operators have been issued awards in recognition of their safe driving records.

Jimmy Ellis of the Greater Seattle Area Local and Charles Pettus of the Oakland Local received Joseph M. Kaplan Safe Driver Awards from the National Safety Council.

Ellis, who was recognized for 31 years of driving without an accident, said, “Always keep a safe driving distance. Read the road ahead and be prepared for the unexpected.”

Pettus added, “I stay aware of what I’m doing and what other drivers are doing – even when I am not driving.”

Any USPS facility can nominate drivers for the award. Judging is based on candidates’ career driving record, including the total number of years and miles driven and total number of incidents. The National Safety Council chooses one employee from each Postal Service area.

“The MVS Division would like to commend these Brothers for a long and continuous career of safe driving practices,” said MVS Director Michael Foster.

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Source: MVS Operators Honored for Safe Driving by National Safety Council | APWU

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