APWU: Michigan Democratic Party Endorses Staples Boycott, Urges Candidates to Avoid the Office-Supply Store

Michigan_Democratic_PartyWeb News Article #: 176-2014

09/25/2014 – The Michigan Democratic Party voted to support the Staples boycott at a special meeting of the Executive Committee on Sept. 23 and urged all candidates for public office to avoid patronizing the office-supply chain.

The resolution declares that the Democratic Party supports good jobs and public employees. Postal counters in Staples stores are not staffed by union postal workers, the resolution notes, but rather by low-wage Staples employees.

“The expansion of this program will lead to the elimination of good union jobs that contribute to the economy of every community in the country, at the same time as it will harm customer service,” the resolution says.

APWU President Mark Dimondstein praised the resolution. “We will be working to win more resolutions of support for the boycott in the weeks and months ahead,” he said. “And we hope that candidates for public office will embrace the ‘Don’t Buy Staples’ campaign.

via Michigan Democratic Party Endorses Staples Boycott | APWU.

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