APWU: Lead Clerk Duty Assignments under Clerk Craft Jobs MOU Dispute settled

In a case initiated by the APWU, the issue was, “whether the language in Section 2 of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Re: Clerk Craft Jobs, requires that Mail Processing Lead Clerk duty assignments be posted one level higher than the majority of employees in the group.” This issue was especially a concern at Bulk Mail Centers (BMCs), NDCs, ISCs and other locations where the Postal Service refused to create a new higher level standard position description and qualification standard.

The parties agreed, “In accordance with Section 2, Mail Processing/Customer Service, of the MOU, Re: Clerk Craft Jobs, employees occupying Lead Clerk duty assignments will not direct those employees at the same or higher level in the group to which they are assigned.”

The parties further agreed, “Those employees that have filed a timely grievance currently being held pending the outcome of this dispute shall receive a payment of one level higher for any hours cited in the grievance that were spent directing employees at the same or higher level in the group to which they were assigned.”

And, “The local parties are responsible for application of this settlement to pending grievances, including any monetary remedy. The parties further agree that this settlement satisfies those local grievances directly related to the national dispute; however, the local parties may address any remaining contractual issues in accordance with the grievance/arbitration procedure at the local level.”

Re: Q1OC-4Q-C15340465/HQTG20160017

Source: APWU

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