APWU: Latest COVID MOUs and Liberal Leave Policy Extensions

March 19, 2021
President Dimondstein signed extensions on the COVID MOUs today (March 19), through June 4, 2021. The liberal leave policy has also been extended (see letter below). He also signed extensions on the annual leave carryover, which will allow 520 hours to be carried into leave year 2022 and career employees can also sell up to 80 hours of leave for leave year 2022.

One MOU that was not extended–but was suspended–was the additional leave for PSEs. Under the new EFEL all employees could be paid up to 600 hours for COVID related absences.

The latest documents can be found below. They are also listed, together with the full archive of MOUs and other resources on the Covid-19 section of the website.

Extension of MOUs

Additional MOUs / Resources:

Source: American Postal Workers Union