APWU: Labor Day – Activism and Remembrance

Children march in the 1963 New York City Labor Day parade.

Web News Article #: 159-140 8/29/2014

Labor Day is a good time to reflect on the achievements of workers and the contributions unions have made to our lives – from abolishing child labor to establishing a minimum wage, healthcare, retirement benefits, workplace safety and more. It’s also a good time to renew our determination to Stand Up and Fight Back! It’s a time to rekindle our commitment to the fight for justice – in the workplace and throughout the country and the world.

In honor of Labor Day, Jobs With Justice is asking people to share the stories of the work their grandparents did.

  • What our grandparents did for a living…
  • What our grandparents taught us about work…
  • How our grandparents’ jobs and hard work shaped who we are today.

Most of us have grandparents who made a lasting impact on us. Let’s remember and honor them by sharing their stories about the way they worked.

Also, Union Plus has released four quizzes that show how unions were a really big deal back in the day, and are still a huge deal for working families. Take the four quizzes below, and make sure to share with your friends!

  • Think you know what the minimum wage looks like? The answers will surprise you. Play now
  • How much union pride is on your grill? Learn your union-made grilling products. Play now
  • Which labor leader are you? A quick 6 questions will link your personality to a labor leader. Play now
  • Are you a labor history buff? Show off how much union history you really know. Play now

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