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On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, 2:55 PM, Lynn Pallas-Barber <lpallas@apwu.org> wrote:

Brothers and Sisters,

Please find attached the June 2020 posting for regular eReassign. There are 369 full-time/NTFT positions posted. This posting is required per Steps 5, 6.a and 6.b of the MOU on filling Clerk Craft residuals. Paragraph C of the same MOU also requires this monthly 21 day posting:

5. Reassignment of full-time regular Clerk Craft employees in an installation impacted by excessing, pursuant to Article 12.5.C.5, who request a voluntary transfer from an installation beyond the District or 100 mile geographic radius through regular eReassign;

6. Residual vacancies that remain after Item 5 above will be filled by the:

a) conversion of Postal Support Employees (PSEs) within the same installation; or,

b) acceptance and placement of voluntary reassignment (transfer) requests pending in eReassign from bargaining unit employees who meet the minimum qualifications (including full and part-time Clerk Craft employees) or reassignment of bargaining unit employees within the installation. Employees from other APWU crafts in an impacted installation will receive priority consideration.

C. All residual vacancies will be made available through eReassign for a period of twenty-one (21) days. The results of this posting will be determined by the application of items 3 – 6 above.

There are also 398 PTF vacancies posted. These are posted and filled based on the language in Paragraph B of the MOU and the agreed upon PTF clarification.

Please share with your state and local leaders.

Any issues or concerns, feel free to contact me asap.

Lynn Pallas-Barber
Assistant Clerk Craft Director
1300 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

APWU FT Clerk JUNE 2020 Posting [xlsx]

APWU PTF Clerk JUNE 2020 Posting [xlsx]

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