APWU: ‘I Am Union’ Organizing Drive Wins New Members

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Members of the Montgomery County [MD] Area Local had a blast signing up new union members.

Organization Director Anna Smith

Organization Director Anna Smith

June 13, 2014Almost 2,000 new APWU members joined the union’s ranks as a result of the first organizing drive of 2014, reports Organization Director Anna Smith. More than 125 locals participated in the event, which ran from March 22 to May 22, and resulted in 1,989 new APWU members.

“Thank you to all the locals who participated and for making organizing our union a priority,” Smith said. “We will be having one more coordinated organizing drive later this year. So start planning now and include organizing funds in your local budget. Organizing must be a top priority of our union at all levels.

“With contract negotiations just around the corner and some members of Congress working to dismantle the Postal Service, we will need our strength,” she said.

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