APWU: First Line H Regional Arbitration Award

Via Idowu Balogun, APWU Maintenance Division, Assistant Director A:

APWU: Eligible Employees For Maintenance Craft’s AOI Remedy IdentifiedWe are pleased to share with you a very recent regional arbitration award. This award, J10T-4J-C 15092710, is on the issue of local application of Item 6 of the 7/9/2014 MS-47 T/L-5 MOU. We commonly refer to this as a Line H dispute (Line H is the total work hours per year of required custodial work from the PS Form 4852).

This is the crucial enforcement stage of the requirements to establish and maintain our custodial staffing and to properly schedule and perform custodial work. Obviously, the two will go hand in hand. As your National Officers and NBAs have been teaching and instructing, only the hours of work incorporated and reflected in the Line H total count for purposes of comparing those hours (LDC 38) with the Line H total.

The above referenced MOU was agreed to by your National Maintenance Officers containing the explicit requirement to staff and perform work and a penalty for local management not doing so. This included a work hour comparison (LDC 38) against the work that we are staffed to perform (Line H). Along with this was an agreement to pay for failing to meet the target at the overtime rate. Item 6 thus represents a significant job security clause. It does, however, require effort at the Local level (members and officers) as those in Jefferson City have clearly put forth (See below).


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