PSEs Urged Not to Participate in ‘Stay Survey’, APWU Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge

nlrb_3Web News Article #: 211-2015
11/06/2015 – The American Postal Workers Union has filed an unfair labor practice charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in response to the “Stay Survey,” in which the Postal Service asks newly hired non-career employees about their job satisfaction and the quality of their working conditions. The APWU is discouraging Postal Support Employees (PSEs) from participating.

Management is likely to use the results of the survey against union members in arbitration over the contract, Industrial Relations Director Tony D. McKinnon explained. The union also objects to the Postal Pulse survey, which is aimed at the entire workforce.

The NLRB has ruled that employers may not “‘attempt to erode a union’s bargaining position by engaging in a direct effort to determine employee sentiment rather than discuss such matters solely with the union.”

In addition, an employer cannot try “‘to determine for himself the degree of support or lack thereof,’ which exists for a position that it seeks to advance in negotiations with the employee bargaining representative.”

“The ‘Stay Survey,’ is a type of unlawful direct dealing. It undercuts the ability of the APWU to bargain for improvements to the working conditions of Postal Support Employees,” McKinnon said.

The APWU has requested that the NLRB seek injunctive relief in a federal court to prevent the Postal Service from going forward with the survey.

Source: APWU Files Unfair Labor Practice Charge in Response to ‘Stay Survey’ | APWU

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