APWU: Temporary MOUs Due to COVID-19 Extended through April 8, 2022

From: Vance Zimmerman <vzimmerman@apwu.org>
Sent: Friday, February 4, 2022
Subject: Extension of Temporary MOUs Due to COVID-19


Please see the attached extensions of the temporary MOUs due to COVID-19 and the Liberal Leave Policy. Please note that the liberal leave document–which is dated today–also includes the original document signed by Deputy PMG Tulino–that is the document Ms. Attridge is referring to as the “attached memorandum”.

The PDF of the signed extension includes links to each of the MOUs listed. If one hovers over the name of the MOU, it can be clicked and you will be taken directly to the MOU stored on our website. If you need a copy of one of the listed MOUs it should be easy to locate just by clicking the link.

Please Disseminate.

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Liberal Changes of Schedules and Leave MOU Extended

Temporary MOUs due to COVID-19 Extended

The full archive of MOUs and other resources are on the Covid-19 section of the APWU website.

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