APWU e-Team News Update – October 24, 2014

Get involved before it is too late – Election Day is around the corner!

GetOutTheVoteElection Day is just two weeks away and in several states, the polls are already open. In many contests, the margin of victory is expected to be extremely small. Control of the United States Senate and many governorships will hinge on the outcome of a number of tight contests where the candidates are separated by only a percent or two in the polls.

What also separates many of these candidates in close races are their positions on important issues for working Americans. Tom Tillis, Republican candidate for Senate, promises “that North Carolina will continue to be the least unionized state in the United States.” Representative Cory Gardner, the challenger to pro-labor Colorado Senator Mark Udall, co-sponsors the National Right to Work Act, which would destroy the ability of workers to collectively bargain for fair wages, safe working conditions, and more.

The APWU can make the difference in these races. How? By educating our members on the real issues that affect working people. Then after comparing the candidates our membership and their families and friends will make an informed votes that defend working America. Contact your AFL-CIO Central Labor Council, your APWU Grassroots Coordinator or the APWU Legislative and Political Department for more information.

For working families, these close races mean we have an opportunity to be a decisive factor in the elections. If we take these next two weeks to volunteer with our union brothers and sisters in support of candidates who will work for working families, we can tip the scales. Through collective action, we can stand up for lawmakers who will stand up for us and stop those who seek to undermine our livelihoods.

Take a minute now to find a nearby volunteer event and join in! To get involved, please click here.

Stop Delaying America’s Mail!

As highlighted in the October 8th e-Team update, APWU activists are called upon to come together with their APWU locals and fellow postal unions and meet with their elected officials or their staff. We are asking all members of Congress to join with a majority of the Senate and over 160 House members in urging the Appropriations Committee to place a 1-year moratorium on this wrong-headed scheme by the PMG to drastically slow down Americas mail. While our lawmakers are home, we need to deliver the message that Congress can and must act to stop these imminent, reckless, and irreversible cuts to America’s mail!

To read more, please click here.

4_unions_allianceThe fight to prevent the mail slowdown and postal closures is a coordinated and multifaceted effort. The four postal unions are united in calling for a National Day of Action against the slowdown on November 14th, to coincide with the meeting of the USPS Board of Governors. The four postal unions’ presidents are urging their members to work together in cities and towns across the country to organize rallies or press conferences in their areas to tell the PMG and the Board of Governors – Stop Slowing Down the Mail!.

To read more about the November 14th National Day of Action, please click here.

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