APWU: Do Not Participate in Bulk Mail and MRC Job Analysis

From: Lamont Brooks <lbrooks@apwu.org>
Date: April 11, 2022
Subject: Bulk Mail and MRC Job Analysis

Inform your clerk to NOT participate in this analysis as it is strictly voluntary.

Please share this with them asap.

The APWU filed a national dispute on these type of initiatives several years ago that is still pending, even one specific to this issue.

We lost many jobs as a result of those surveys, interviews, and observations.

I can’t stop clerks from participating, as they may think it is in their best interest, but history has proven this is not normally the case.

Once the USPS knows exactly what the clerk is doing, they will try to transfer the work to the customer, management or use advance technology to absorb the work.

News Alert: Local unions should use Article 17 to do their own interviews of the bulk mail clerks, mailing requirement clerks, customers, and SUPERVISORS (any work they perform that is not managerial or supervisory should be Craft work). Use Article 31, to request the needed documentation to support your position.

Prepare yourself to challenge the Postal Service in the event the USPS attempts to improperly revert or abolish duty assignments.

Document any fiduciary violations as the Postal Service must conform the financial controls of the Taft-Hartley Act.

Record any instances of the USPS failure to collect proper payments.

I will share more information later in week.

Please direct any inquiries to your respective NBAs and if further assistance is still needed, contact Assistant Director Sam Lisenbe.

This is a repeat of what the USPS did four years ago, but this time they are doing it unilaterally.

Please search your prior e-mails on this subject matter and the Lean Processing Pilot to see our past positions. Your NBAs should have these documents.

I close by stating our clerks need to perform every single part of their job, no shortcuts.

Please disseminate to the field.

I will share more information later in the week, as I am currently out of the office on business travel.

Lamont Brooks
Clerk Division

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    My Accounting Professor taught us the following: “When only one person answers a survey and their reply is not neutral management states, the majority of the employees are satisfied with managerial handling of the mail system. or 49 0f 100 answers in the affirmative, the fallout is majority of the employees are satisfied, which is the 51 not answering”! Further, Percentages ONLY satisfy those making them, never the opposite! Get off the out of touch train!

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