APWU: Disbursement Schedule for $56 Million Settlement for Small Offices

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11/16/2015 – The Postal Service has notified APWU Clerk Craft officers that employees who are eligible for a portion of a $56 million monetary settlement are expected to receive payment prior to Christmas. However, our message is: Don’t spend it before you get it!

The money will be included in employees’ paychecks and taxes will be withheld. The payment is part of a Dec. 5, 2014, “global settlement” of grievances protesting a long-standing dispute between the union and management over postmasters and supervisors performing craft work in small offices, in violation of the contract.

Approximately 13,386 employees who were on the rolls as Part-Time Flexibles (PTFs) or who occupied Non-Traditional Full-Time (NTFT) assignments in Level 15, 16, and 18 offices during the period from May 7, 2011, to Dec. 5, 2014, will receive payment. Each week employees were on the rolls during that timeframe will count as one share, worth approximately $26.

A list of the employees eligible for shares has been provided to state and local presidents.

In the event eligible individuals weren’t included in the first payout, the Clerk Division has created a Payment Request Form and instructions on how to complete the form in a document titled Payment Request Form Submission Protocol. Active employees can assist the local by downloading all their PS Form 50s during the payout period: eOPF Retrieval of PS Form 50.

Basically, individuals (active or retired) must complete Section A and submit the form and any supporting documents to their current local/state organization or the state/local that represents their last office of employment. The local/state organization will assist in gathering evidence and will complete Section B of the form and forward the form to the National Business Agent to verify the amount. The form and instructions have been provided to National Business Agents and local/state presidents and are also available at the APWU website. APWU headquarters will not respond to any inquiries directly. Inquiries will be referred back to their state/local APWU organization.

In addition to the $56 million monetary remedy, the settlement established an easier method to keep track of postmasters and supervisors performing Clerk Craft work in small offices. Since the agreement was signed 11 months ago, the Postal Service has made additional payments of more than $25 million to employees for postmasters and supervisors in small offices performing craft work in excess of contractual limits.

Source: Disbursement Schedule for $56 Million Settlement for Small Offices | APWU

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    Sec-Treasurer Pittsburgh Metro Local 1994 to 2011

    The clerk craft article in the Nov-Dec 2015 APWU magazine claims that the recent $56 million dollar settlement is the biggest monetary award in the union’s history. While this is a tremendous victory, it is not the biggest award in the union’s history. The arbitration award in the CILO dispute initiated by the Pgh Metro Area Local resulted in nearly $75 million dollars for the members of the Pgh Metro Area Local, with many members receiving nearly $80,000. I served as the Union’s advocate and local President Chuck Pugar provided expert testimony that was essential.

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