APWU: Correspondence Concerning Establishment of Package Support Annexes

From: Lamont Brooks <lbrooks@apwu.org>
Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Subject: FW: Notification No. GCCC20210288 Further Reference to Correspondence Concerning Establishment of Package Support Annexes


Please disseminate to the field, especially the APWU local presidents where the current 46 annexes are located. Please retain a copy of this e-mail thread with attachments for future reference.

The Division Craft Director will be responsible for their respective Craft.

USPS Notification to APWU:

Dear Mark,

This is in further reference to the Postal Service’s June 15 and June 30 correspondence concerning the establishment of Package Support Annexes (PSAs) (copies enclosed).

The APWU requested a meeting regarding the PSAs, which was held on July 13. During the meeting, the Postal Service provided additional information regarding the PSAs, including equipment sets that will be used. Enclosed is a copy of the PowerPoint presentation that was given during the meeting.

Package Support Annexes (PSAs)

The 2-year Package Support Annexes (PSAs) will provide transition space supporting the 10-year plan to modernize the processing and logistics network. In the interim, they increase the Postal Service’s Mail Processing package capacity and improves service performance through this modernization effort.

• The PSAs will initially have one or more equipment sets assigned that will help USPS reduce delayed inventory and respond to the increase in machineable and non-machineable packages in their service area of responsibility.

• The PSAs will also support increased capacity through the next 2 Peak seasons.

• The annexes on the following slides include the host Processing and Distribution Center or Network Distribution Center address and total square footage requested.

Annex Equipment

• The following list includes the machine set for each PSA and expected date of processing for the new SIPs machine.

• Each site has defined what the peak plans are for the PSA, i.e.- Originating, Destinating, MIXED, Non-Machineable

• Machines being deployed are either new (SIPS, FRS, MSA) or from the USPS network.

• If equipment must be moved, the Division Director of mail processing will request this through Jason DeChambeau, HQ Sr. Director of Mail Processing.

• SIPS = Single Induction Package Sorter
• FRS = Flexible Rover Sorter
• MSA = Manual Scanning Appliance
• SWYB = Scan Where You Band
• PSS = Package Scanning System
• LCUS = Low-Cost Universal Sorter
• S = Robust Universal Sorter

Annex Staffing

• Not intended to be long-term annexes
• Employees for the annexes will come from the host plant (part of the same bid cluster).
• The bids needed for the PSA facilities will be determined locally.
• RI-399 will be based upon the host plant. They must meet locally to determine if they need to add a new section.
• Non-career will come from the host bid cluster.
• Facility maintenance will come from host plant.
• Custodial services
• Maintenance on equipment
• Manager or Supervision will be established as needed.
• Initially plants were provided with PSE and MHA conversions for the annexes. The machine sets, number of machines, number of tours needed will all be locally determined. Local Management will determine the staffing and provide HQ with feedback if more staffing is needed from the host plant.
• Any MVS or HCR routes added to support the annexes will be determined locally by Operations and TANS management following established procedures.

I would like to personally thank DIR Director Vance Zimmerman for his assistance in facilitating the APWU (DIR and Craft Directors) meeting with the Postal Service.

Local presidents, please request a labor/management meeting in writing and start your official discussions as soon as possible based on the attached documents.

In union solidarity, the struggle continues.

Lamont A. Brooks
Clerk Division
American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

From: Janice Brown <jbrown@apwu.org>
Sent: Monday, July 19, 2021
Subject: Notification No. GCCC20210288 Further Reference to Correspondence Concerning Establishment of Package Support Annexes

Mr. Brooks, Mr. Balogun, and Mr. Foster,

Please see attached Notification No. GCCC20210288 Further Reference to Correspondence Concerning Establishment of Package Support Annexes.

Janice Brown
Secretary, Executive Office
202-842-4250 – Office
202-286-5372 – Mobile

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    I thought for sure Trenton NJ would get an annex… but nope.

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