APWU: Be Aware of Fraudulent Unemployment Claims

From: Liz Powell <epowell@apwu.org>
Date: 12/9/20 11:30 AM

The National Office has recently been notified of at last two instances where fraudulent unemployment insurance benefit (“UI”) claims have been filed by persons purporting to be former or current employees or members of the APWU National or APWU Locals.

If you receive correspondence from a state UI agency, please do not ignore it. Carefully review it to see whether it relates to a legitimate UI claim or is being filed by a fraudster who obtained the personal information of a former or current employee, officer, or member of the APWU.

If it appears to be a fraudulent claim, please contact the UI agency as soon as possible to advise it of the fraud and find out what can be done to protect the APWU and its locals from fraudulent UI claims.

If you have any questions, please contact the Secretary-Treasurer’s office for more information 202-842-4215 or email aaugust@apwu.org

Thanks, Liz

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