APWU: Additional Function 1 Staffing MOU, Q&A and Conversion List

From: Mark Dimondstein <mdimondstein@apwu.org>
Sent: Monday, March 22, 2021
Subject: Additional Function 1 Staffing

Sisters, Brothers and APWU Family:

I hope you are all well in the struggle.

Please see the attached MOU regarding an agreement on additional Function 1 staffing. It is another step forward in the right direction on dealing with chronic understaffing and its impact on the workers and the customers. The complement increases are by management determination and obviously vary greatly, but combined with our previous increase on Function 1 staffing, this is a big step forward.

To accomplish the transitions to more staffing and also to the continuing COVID-related challenges, the backlog of mail and packages and the exhaustion of our members, I have agreed to CAP exceptions which you will see are incorporated into the MOU.

Please disseminate. More jobs, more staffing and more good news.

In Solidarity,

Mark Dimondstein
APWU President

Additional F1 Clerk Staffing MOU

Additional F1 Clerk Staffing MOU Q&A

Clerk Conversions (F1 Staffing Increases)

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