APWU: A Poem for Nov 14th


Paul Felton, Retiree Chapter 480-481, has written this poem for our National Day of Action on Nov. 14, 2014

It’s time for us to take a stand

Postal Workers throughout the land

With all 4 unions acting as one

Fighting the bosses who would run

The Postal Service into the ground

With practices that are not sound

Driving customers from our door

To use instead the Staples store

And common sense says that they can’t

Shut down many a processing plant

The mail that once came the next day

Will suffer inevitable delay

At dispatch time the boss will say

That’s enough sorting for today

Tho mail still sits there in a pile

Next day delivery is out of style

For this mail they won’t hold the truck

It seems they just don’t give a

Minute’s thought to those who wait

For the mail to come, no matter how late

They won’t even bring it to your door

They’ll make you walk a few blocks or more

And they’re still trying to do away

With mail service on Saturday

This policy impacts all our jobs

While at the same time surely robs

The public that we proudly serve

Of the mail service they deserve

So together we’ll take to the street

In order to turn up the heat

On those who want the service to fail

We’ll fight to protect America’s mail

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