An update on and a word of Thanks to Dana Logan

Hello, I am the administrator of the 21st Century Postal Worker web site. has been on the Internet since 1999.

21cpw_redesignedThe site was recently redesigned and updated because it’s ancient html code infrastructure was often not compatible with newer technology.  I wanted to be able to make information easier and quicker to disseminate as well as be accessible and adaptive to the latest social media formats and devices. It has been revamped with many new and exciting features for active posters and long time visitors.


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I’m a frequent visitor to the web site as it helps me stay on top of the news of interest to postal workers, union members and the public at large.  Impressed by the web site design and other features demonstrated by RuralInfo, I contacted the site administrator, Dana Logan, for help and guidance and she turned out to be a Godsend.

For a little background information: An NRLCA member, Dana is an active Rural Carrier in Texas who devotes much of her day serving the union membership by finding and providing news, information, answering questions, etc via her web site, as well as Facebook groups, Twitter, and other social media sources of information and communication.  She does all of this while taking care of her family and working a rural carrier job.


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Though I initially tried to do things on my own, I was overwhelmed and sought her help (I’m still learning newer “code”).  That help culminated into the current  As you can see, Dana is very skilled and talented at web site design.

I hope to see continued and increased participation (comments, questions, opinions, advice, information etc) at 21cpw among all APWU rank and file members now that the site is back up and running at full speed.   In the spirit of APWU President Mark Dimondstein’s Grand Alliance, I have added new pages for, and allow posted messages and comments by, NALC, NRLCA and NPMHU members.   All postal union members can and will have a voice at the revamped

I urge any union Local, Branch or Chapter out there, or any member just wanting to start their own blog about anything, to contact Dana as she does web site design as a sideline.  She is reasonably priced and provides excellent technical support until you feel confident to go it on your own and even then she is always willing to answer a question.  I was a little slow coming along but working with Dana has been a pleasure and she was very patient with me.  She provides a great service and I learned a tremendous amount from our work on the new 21cpw.  I highly recommend her web sites for postal information and her services for web site design.

Thank you Dana!

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