American flag burned at Hillsboro, Alabama post office

By Alyssa Martin – July 26, 2016
An American flag, lit on fire and burned in broad daylight.

Now investigators are looking for who did it and residents are left stunned. It happened in Hillsboro at the post office last Wednesday.

“I think it’s pretty bad that someone would stoop to that level,” said a local Hillsboro resident Kevin Coffrey.

Coffrey lives near the post office in Hillsboro where the American flag once flew.

“Just to burn up a piece of what you know all our people have fought for, and our freedom and all that stuff,” said Coffrey.

Wednesday morning, a customer alerted the clerk who was on duty that the flag had been burned.

Only a small piece remains of the flag and the pole is left with burn marks.

The post office has turned over the case to Postal Inspector investigators. They are working alongside local police to find who burned the flag.

“Yeah, they’ll catch somebody I’m sure word will get around, it’s a small town,” added Coffrey.

The reward from investigators is up to $10,000 for an arrest and conviction of the crime.



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