Amazon’s grocery service hits Brooklyn starting today

Lately, Amazon’s been playing a bit of back and forth with its services on either coast. What started with retail locations is now extending to its grocery delivery option, AmazonFresh. Folks living in Brooklyn, New York’s Park Slope neighborhood will have access to the service that debuted in Seattle and California starting today, according to Recode. Naturally, you need a Prime membership to access the same-day (or next-day, depending on when you order), but starting next year a pricier $299 “Prime Fresh” subscription will be required. Not in Park Slope? Don’t fret: the e-commerce juggernaut told Reuters that it will continue to be “thoughtful and methodical” in its expansion. Bezos and Co. failed to mention, however, if and when it’ll be expanding into the likes of Manhattan or other boroughs. Don’t get too excited to use that Dash just yet, greater Gotham.

via Amazon’s grocery service hits Brooklyn starting today.

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