One thought on ““A Pack of Lies” by Mike Gallagher

  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    Philadelphia BMC Local #7048
    Office held, if any
    Vice President
    It’s unfortunate when a challenger resorts to lies while attempting to tear down a well-respected, hard-working, dedicated national officer, all for the sake of a few nuisance votes. I have known Mike Gallagher for all of my 30-year postal career. His leadership is second to none. He is always in touch with the people on the work floor, addressing issues affecting our members on a daily basis. I have yet to meet a more knowledgeable officer anywhere. If the candidates for Eastern Region Coordinator are running on their records, there is only one choice. Cast your vote for Mike Gallagher so that we may continue to prosper in this region for the next 3 years with a leader who has the interests of the APWU as his only agenda, as opposed to a guy looking to build himself up at everyone else’s expense.

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