A look inside the nation’s busiest USPS canceling facility during the holiday season

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By Tanya Moutzalias – December 9, 2015
PONTIAC, MI— The busy season inside the largest United State Post Office canceling facility in the nation is just beginning.

According Karin Nowatzke, Lead Senior Manager Distribution Operations of Michigan Metroplex, the facility has the largest volume of cancellations of any processing facility in the nation, handling aproximately 62 million pieces this December alone.

A cancelation is “the process to make a live postage stamp unusable, usually at the point of original entry into the mailstream. This is done by using a facer-canceler machine or a handstamp and is one of the first steps in mail processing.”

The Michigan Metroplex processes all First-Class cards, letter and flat mail collected in the entire Southeast Michigan area.

The 900,000 square-foot facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Source: A look inside the nation’s busiest U.S. Postal Service canceling facility during the holiday season | MLive.com

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