Philadelphia Plant Manager Memo on Cell Phone Usage

Via Philadelphia P&DC’s newest Plant Manager (and recent Chicago transplant), Stephanie N. Harris:

Cell phones are a good tool when used appropriately and safely.  In an emergency, a cell phone may mean the difference between life and death.  However, when a cell phone is used unsafely, it poses a safety hazard to the person on the phone and those around them.

The usage of cell phones has become disruptive in the workplace.  The use of cell phones, including those equipped with Bluetooth, is NOT permitted on the workroom floor except for official postal business.  Incoming and outgoing calls should be scheduled on the employee’s breaks or lunch period, where such use does not constitute a safety hazard.

Cameras are not permitted in any Postal facility.  Most cell phones have cameras.  EMPLOYEES ARE PROHIBITED FROM USING THE CAMERA PORTION OF THE CELL PHONE WHILE IN A POSTAL FACILITY.

Prohibition of cell phone usage is not limited to employees who work indoors. This prohibition applies equally to those employees who perform activities outside the office. By diverting attention from the activity at hand such as driving, walking etc., the danger exists that inattention could lead to an accident and/or harm to person or property.

Additionally, use of Bluetooth or “hands free” attachments or speakerphones is prohibited in Postal facilities and during activities outside the Post Office. While operating/driving a Postal owned, leased or personal vehicle relative to Postal employment, as well as Fork-lifts or Ox’s, a Bluetooth, hands-free attachment, or cell phone MUST NOT be utilized.

All Bluetooth devices must be turned off on all phones when entering the facility. And, Bluetooth-equipped headphones are not permitted on the workroom floor as they may interfere with the transmission of scan data from our SV scanners and may cause us to lose the scanning information that our customers rely on.

Furthermore, employees are prohibited from using cell phones (with or without Bluetooth/Hands-free attachments) and radio headsets or Ipod-like devices with ear buds while:

  • Walking on the workroom floor.
  • While in contact with or in view of the public.
  • Where it interferes with personal protective equipment

This is posted on a big easel at the entrance of the Philadelphia P&DC

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  1. Union and NAME of Local/Branch
    APWU - Akron
    So who is entrusted to enforce this policy, the same supervisors, managers and district PCES that are also walking around with their smartphones in hand? LOL

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