21CPW Special Report: Cape Girardeau Mail Processing Intentionally Delayed – OIG fails to act, APWU HQ silent

Fraud, corruption, and failure to protect the US Mail delivery standards abounds nationwide due to the USPS PMG’s ill conceived and incompetently implemented carnage of public mail service standards under the guise of Network Consolidation / Realignment.

A new page at www.21cpw.com was created to highlight just one example of the intentional and deliberate efforts to “hide” and delay mail so as to mislead/fool the public and make the case for even more downsizing through consolidations and closures.

Help has been sought from many agencies (USPS, OIG, PRC, Congress, APWU VP Szeredy) to investigate, bring to light and resolve this abuse of the US Mail.  No action has been taken thus far.  In fact, an OIG Special Agent abruptly abandoned her 6+ month investigation shortly before Phase 2 Consolidations were announced.  It seems from the evidence presented, USPS OIG is in collusion with postal management in the further degradation and dismantling of our United States Postal Service.
Please help spread the word by sharing the information at the following link:
Cape Girardeau Mail Processing Intentionally Delayed – www.21cpw.com

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