USPS: Employees urged to avoid heat-related injuries


USPS reminds employees to use caution this summer, when high temperatures, humidity and direct sun can increase the risk of heat stress. Signs and symptoms include hot, dry skin or profuse sweating. Other symptoms can include fatigue, excessive thirst, muscle aches and cramps, weakness and confusion or anxiety. Here are some ways to protect yourself:…

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Can a Fragrance Allergy Lead to an ADA or FMLA Claim?


By Gina McAndrew – June 22, 2015 In a recent case, an employee alleged that she suffered from a fragrance allergy and “multiple chemical sensitivity” to fragrant chemicals, perfumes and scented lotions, which impacted her in several ways, including migraines, nausea and difficulty concentrating and focusing. After suffering for several years, she informed her employer of her sensitivity and…

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APWU: Postal Unions Object to Administration Proposal to Reduce Compensation to Injured Workers


Web News Article #: 125-2015 06/16/2015 – In a June 15 letter, the presidents of the four postal unions asked the Department of Labor (DOL) and the White House to withdraw a proposal that would reduce compensation benefits to injured workers and urged the administration instead to work with federal employee unions and their allies…

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NPMHU: Postal Unions Call On DOL to Withdraw Support for Misguided FECA Reform Measures


(June 15, 2015) In a joint letter to the Department of Labor, Postal Union Presidents Paul V. Hogrogian (NPMHU), Fredric V. Rolando (NALC), Mark Dimondstein (APWU), and Jeanette Dwyer (NRLCA) object to the department’s unjustified proposal to reduce workers’ compensation benefits. The four Union Presidents call on the Obama administration and the Department of Labor…

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Editorial: Reforming workers’ comp


By Editorial Board – June 13, 2015 There are obscure but important issues in Washington, and then there’s the reform of worker compensation for federal employees — where the importance-to-obscurity ratio is especially high. Kudos to President Obama for repeatedly tackling the issue in his budget proposals, including his most recent one, and to Rep….

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Retired postal worker loses disability bias case


By Sheena Harrison – June 2, 2015 The U.S. Postal Service did not violate the federal Rehabilitation Act when it prevented an injured employee from returning to work until she could pass a series of physical examinations, a federal court has ruled. Dorothea Washington worked as a bulk mail technician at a postal service office…

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