Examining Return-To-Work Issues Under The FMLA


I frequently receive calls from clients involving an employee who is about to use up all of his medical leave, but who has little chance of returning to work — either at the end of his 12-week Family and Medical Leave Act leave period or anytime soon thereafter. Many times these calls involve an employee…

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Handbook EL-505 – Injury Compensation, Revision: Rehabilitation Program


Effective January 22, 2015, the Postal Service™ is revising Handbook EL-505, Injury Compensation, to reflect the more current Snow Arbitration Decision, H94N-4H-C 96090200, dated November 4, 1998, that renders the Snow Arbitration Decision currently cited in Exhibit 11.7c (H0C-3N-C 418), incorrect. Handbook EL-505, Injury Compensation 11. Rehabilitation Program Exhibits Exhibit 11.7c Contractual Obligations for Rehabilitation…

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Did USPS OIG agents go too far by setting up sham fishing trip, posing as rehab therapist to catch accused fraudster?


By Bryan Denson – January 10, 2015 A federal judge in Portland chided government agents Friday for running a series of elaborate ruses to catch a U.S. mail carrier they accuse of fraudulently obtaining workers’ compensation benefits. Agents went so far as to set up a phony business to lure their target – 41-year-old Brian…

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OWCP Medical File Hack Affected Nearly Half a Million Postal Workers


Network intruders compromised health information on current and former U.S. Postal Service employees who filed for workers’ compensation, USPS officials say. The files were accessed during a previously reported September cyber intrusion that netted the Social Security numbers of about 800,000 USPS employees. Details of the health data breach are just now being revealed for the first time….

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Video: Pahoa Post Office Lava Evacuation Plan is to stay open until Hawaii County Civil Defense orders to vacate


By Baron Sekiya On Tuesday (Dec. 30) U.S. Postal Service (USPS) officals met with residents at the Pahoa Post Office to discuss contingency plans should the facility be vacated due the lava flow.  In the event of a post office closure, Pahoa mail would be directed to a contingency site in Keaau. Duke Gonzales, Communications…

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Postal worker health fraud rises as mail volume falls


By Michael Dresser – December 27, 2014 For seven years, postal worker Colette Lee collected nearly $250,000 in federal benefits after telling the government she was disabled as a result of a work-related injury. What the Baltimore woman didn’t disclose was a medical history that included injuries in four auto crashes that occurred before she…

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