USPS found to be at fault in metro mailman’s heat death from 2012 (video)


  INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — When a mail carrier died on the job, his wife blamed the Post Office for not taking his concerns about excessive heat seriously. The widow finally has closure two years after his death. All Kay Watzlawick has of her husband John are memories. They would’ve been married 35 years this year…

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USPS: Drive Defensively — School is Back in Session


The month of August highlights the beginning of a new school year for children. During this time, children will be traveling to and from school. This means an increase in the number of pedestrians on the roads and sidewalks — which could mean a greater risk for accidents. It is imperative that drivers stay alert…

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USPS Sr. Public Relations Representative comments on OIG White Paper about FECA Reform

“We must reiterate the findings of the IG that these increases in expenses occurred during a time when claims filed with the DOL were less than the 2008 level; and a majority of the workers’ compensation costs are attributed to employees who were injured prior to 2008.” Click Here for Darlene S. Casey’s full response (posted…

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Are USPS Changes Leading to More Work-Related Injuries?


Letter carriers and other postal employees have been saying for several years that changes at the Postal Service would lead to more job-related industries. A new report suggests they may be right. “Despite the Postal Service’s efforts to decrease the number of employees [by 19% since 2008], its workers’ compensation costs have increased 35 percent,”…

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