NPMHU: Union Notified of New Developments in USPS Data Breach – Large number of Workers Compensation records “possibly” compromised


December 18, 2014 – In a new development on the earlier data breach at the Postal Service, USPS has now sent individual letters to another group of employees who may have had personal information compromised. USPS informed us that a large number of Workers Compensation records were “possibly” compromised, in some cases including not only…

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When an Employee Falls Off a Ladder at Work, is His Absence Covered by FMLA? An Employer’s Misstep Discussed…


By Jeff Nowak on December 4, 2014 Note to self: When one of my employees: falls off a ladder at work, is taken to urgent care by the company’s HR Director, asks whether the FMLA would apply to his absence, then, as a result of his doctor’s orders, takes a multi-week absence after the fall…

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More Cases of ‘Delayed Medical Treatment’ at the United States Postal Service


(December  4, 2014) Employees at a postal processing plant in West Oakland have voiced concerns for years about a policy that they say prevents most workers from calling 911 in a medical emergency. They say the policy causes deadly delays when workers are injured on the job. An NBC Bay Area investigation uncovered the United…

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Video: Congress Reacts to I-Team’s USPS Sex Assaults Investigation


(December 3, 2014) Congressman Blake Farenthold (R, Texas) says he wants answers about what he saw in a News4 I-Team investigation into reported sexual assaults inside the US Postal Service. “Absolutely unacceptable. It’s not right,” Rep. Farenthold told the I-Team in his Capitol Hill office. He said he was appalled at the revelation one out…

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Mail handler fired following work-related injury at Postal Service facility


US Department of Labor files lawsuit on employee’s behalf for wrongful termination. (December 3, 20914) Sharonville, OH – A U.S. Postal Service mail handler was terminated after being transported to a medical facility for treatment of a workplace injury. The U.S. Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit against the Postal Service on behalf of…

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Video: The Secret Inside the Postal Service – Sexual assaults committed by postal employees against other postal employees


It’s a story the U.S. Postal Service did not want us to tell you: Sexual assaults committed not just by customers and strangers, but by postal employees against other postal employees. A thick layer of snow had just dropped onto the road as we climbed a mountain near Albany, New York, to meet Diane Caruso-Ruston….

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